There is a need to identify a smart game design solution to help prevent suicide among the LGBT community ages 19-25 years, this is not limited to the indicated community, but is inclusive and universal to the masses.
The tenth ruling cause of death is suicide in the United States. It’s estimated that 85% of teens and 90% of adults own cell phones. This shows there is a urgency for an app that helps prevent suicide amid the populace.
Here is my solution an app that is a smart game that takes pointers from McGonigal SuperBetter: the power of living gamefully.
The way you take care of yourself unlocks options for you to customize your character. The avatar you chosen seen in the chatroom, and this allows you to be anonymous from the other users unless you want to share with your friends. You also get points for helping people in the chatroom and they can give you points back. There is game mode that changes occasionally helping in therapeutic ways. This is not a replacement for therapy, but a tool that can be therapeutic.
Please go to the link below to check out the app LevelHeaded. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. This is not the real thing but a prototype.


Google Draw MMORPG


I created a game of Tic Tac Toe in Google Draw. The rules are fairly simple. Two players take turns putting their piece of either an X or an O. Whoever get three in a row first wins the game. Here is a link to the page if you care to play it now.


Machinations Game Mechanics Tool

The first half of the video is a simulation of a small town using the oceans waves for electricity. This town also pays with energy to fight wars. This takes a while to win the war because the city must bring energy to the suburbs, town hall and downtown. Also energy is lost when the tide is out.

The second half of the video show a simulation game where students are to find posters that lead them to the secret garden on campus.



Roller Ball

Here is a video game created in the software program Unity. I followed along with a tutorial to create this project. I feel this is very helpful for anyone who is trying to learn Unity. It is simple but complicated and gives you a real jump on the Unity while creating a game. Here is a screen capture from my computer.