Roller Ball

Here is a video game created in the software program Unity. I followed along with a tutorial to create this project. I feel this is very helpful for anyone who is trying to learn Unity. It is simple but complicated and gives you a real jump on the Unity while creating a game. Here is a screen capture from my computer.

Proposal for Video Game

This game is a lot like Robot Unicorn Attack by Adult Swim. It is a 2D side scroller, but unlike Robot Unicorn Attack to go back in time you have to make it to the end of each level. Each time the user makes it to the end of a level they go back in time and and when they go back far enough the user gets to see Green Day perform at Pinole Valley High School. The player must maneuver past exploding books as they run very fast through an obstacle course and when they get to the end they are then transported a few years into the past, but the users want to go all the way back in time to see Green Day perform. This is how the game ends. The user will be using a 2D walking quail because quails are native to Pinole where the game takes place. The quail will walk and jump over the exploding books. If the user touches the books they explode.

The quail run past the high school trying to avoid books that are exploding if the user touches them. The user will be unable to go backwards once the screen has advanced. This will make it difficult if the users are close to an exploding pile of books. The user will be able to jump over the books and advance the screen. By the last level the screen advances on its own making it harder for the user to win the game. The user or player acts as a quail avatar. This can be seen seen on a website and played on a computer. There will be only one perspective. A side scroller in 2D is how the game will be designed. The game will fall under Indie Games and is also an adventure game. It is only a single player game at the moment.
The audience is a generation of gamers who grew up with games like the original Super Mario. They could be hipsters or casual gamers. The goal is to make the game fun for all sexes.  

The game will need an internet connection to play it via the world wide web. It starts in 2015 and goes back to 1992 in Pinole,CA at the Pinole Valley High School. I have drawn inspiration from the historical notations on PVHS; for example when Green Day performed their first album there. The game will be broken into a couple of levels. The ending of the game is watching Green Day perform but you only get to hear the guitar plug in and then the game ends. You are a quail that has broken out of Berkeley labs and has the ability to travel back in time. The quail doesn’t discover this until it discovers Pinole Valley High while looking for food only to be attacked by exploding books. The game is designed so any age can play. This game can be played on either a PC or Mac.

Here is the schedule to stay on task.Quail Run Schedule

The assets needed are

  • Quail Running sprite
  • Quail Jumping sprite
  • Death of Quail sprite
  • Books sprite
  • Exploding Book Sprite
  • Background Images of Pinole Valley High Through The Years
  • An Obstacle course
  • Ground image
  • Background music
  • Exploding book sound
  • Death Sound

Here is a skeleton what the game may be like using as inspiration Robot Unicorn Attack


This is my flow chart for the game.


Here is the mood board for the game.


Here a rough draft of the quail. I like to call him Newton.screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-7-51-45-pm


This is two video I choose for my website that is coming up in my next post. The theme is Holidays.

Us Vs. It

In this exercise, we are given a board, three tanks, and a robot. We are expected to come up with a set of instructions for the robot which will create an entertaining game. The point of the game is to have an exciting battle, not necessarily to win. For the players(tanks) to win, they must kill the robot before it reaches the end of the board. For the robot to win, it must either kill all tanks or get to the end.

Robot Steps: rotate left, move, rotate right, move, rotate right, move, rotate left, laser eye, atomic bomb

The tanks may do two of three options: shoot in a straight line, move forward, rotate 90

Play through: The robot moves forward on the board laying mines and clearing the path it will take to the end with its lazer. The tanks position themselves on the sides of the line the robot runs and behind it, taking shots until it dies or the tanks die.


Her are the rules of the game.


Here is how the game starts with the Robot on one side of the boar and tanks on the other side.

img_0714 img_0715

The tanks surround the Robot and take it out.