Collaborative Chess Exercise

Start of Game

Start of the Game

End of Game

End of the Game

For this exercise, we got into groups and had to create a board game. It could use different rules, but we use a chess set’s board and pieces. We were then to record the rules, start condition, and win condition.


-players only can move in an L shape(two in any direction, and 1 in any different direction, 3 squares total like a knight), players have to attack the same color king. Kings automatically attack any piece 1 square away.

-pieces attack by moving onto the square of another piece

Win Condition:

-win when players get both kings down

Start condition:

-kings in middle of board, players start with 2 pieces each, on opposite corners of the board

Augmented Reality Part 2

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.48.48 PM


On the top is the updated poster for the Nathan Shapira Archive. Notice the new poster has the placement of Facebook and Aurasma logo on the bottom left corner. On the bottom is the original of the poster.

Map of Fine Arts Building


The Nathan Shapira Archive is located in room 151C located inside room 151. the posters are located just outside the rooms.

Here is how to get to the Nathan Shapira Archive through room 151.

This is Chiamaka Onyemelukwe showing how scanning the posters with the Aurasma app will allow the user to see a video of how to get to the archive.


I noticed when scanning images the user needs to be careful when scanning the images that the image is clear, other wise if someone has scanned the same object and the object are similar the program may be unable to show the augmented realtiy. The program is a little glitchy right now, but with room for improvement. One glitch in particular was switching from website to mobile and back again. The program looses some of its consistency in how it’s used over different platforms. Making for parts of the programs unusable.

Augmented reality implies that people are going to be using their phones or smart devices to discover the world around them. Signs start to take on a second purpose than what the sign says at face value, taking people out of there homes and back into the world around them.

This new form of technology is going to be bigger than what it is now. It has already taken off with the video game world and even porn sites. I can see this program being used in stores. Products can use augmented reality too, just by scanning and having a small video with “a how to” use the product. Instead of price tags on items, instead the user scan the sign near by and it shows the price of the object the user wants to buy. AR can be particularly useful in museums for visitors to learn about the objects around them.