Us Vs. It

In this exercise, we are given a board, three tanks, and a robot. We are expected to come up with a set of instructions for the robot which will create an entertaining game. The point of the game is to have an exciting battle, not necessarily to win. For the players(tanks) to win, they must kill the robot before it reaches the end of the board. For the robot to win, it must either kill all tanks or get to the end.

Robot Steps: rotate left, move, rotate right, move, rotate right, move, rotate left, laser eye, atomic bomb

The tanks may do two of three options: shoot in a straight line, move forward, rotate 90

Play through: The robot moves forward on the board laying mines and clearing the path it will take to the end with its lazer. The tanks position themselves on the sides of the line the robot runs and behind it, taking shots until it dies or the tanks die.


Her are the rules of the game.


Here is how the game starts with the Robot on one side of the boar and tanks on the other side.

img_0714 img_0715

The tanks surround the Robot and take it out.

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